Image Update Schedule and Puppy Choosing

Our policy is to update images at 1, 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age. Images may be posted on the site, or emailed. On occasion, we can be delayed due to our work with our dogs or other life circumstances. There are many daily tasks in managing the raising of Pups, and the care of our Adult Dogs. We have set our image schedule policy to streamline our work. We have deemed this schedule as very sufficient for choosing pups. We text brief video clips at 4 weeks of age, for the purpose of long distance puppy choosing, Most people are now choosing pups via videos, images, and a phone conversation about pup temperament. We have never had someone disappointed when choosing via electronics. For those who prefer to choose their puppy "On-site", we are happy to accommodate your visit by appointment only.

.Deposit List for 2 Spring Litters:
1) Blessing Acres-Choc Female
2) Phillips-Black/White Male
3) James-Chocolate Female
4) Borah- Chocolate Female
5) Kwon, T. - Chocolate

6) Kwon, M.-Chocolate
7) Wilson - Black/White Male
8) Anderson - Black/White
9)Stewart - 

10)Law - Chocolate


Born: February 12, 2019
Choosing: March 10-17

Adoption: Early April

Pups will be chosen according to the picking order, when they are 4-5 weeks old. Pups are reservable only by having a spot in the picking order.
Contact us for details.

Merci had 5 male pups!

3 Black/White Parti color

2 Black with white chest/points

This is Merci's last litter with us, as she is retiring to a pet home. 


For Pets only

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Male 1 - Reserved for Phillips

Male 2 - Reserved for Wilson

Male 3 - Reserved for Stewart

Male 4 - Pending

Male 5 - Reserved for Anderson

Presenting Merci and Judah Spring 2019 Litter