Missy   of   Blessing   Acres

Missy  was born here at Blessing Acres in July 2018, from Gracie and Judah's last litter.

 Gracie has retired to her Guardian home with John and Donna in Woodland, WA. John has Alzheimer's disease, and Gracie has become his companion therapy dog. We have found numerous times, that the Havanese breed make great therapy dogs for disabled people and children who have emotional or behavioral concerns. 

Missy is a gorgeous Dark Chocolate and White Parti colored girl.

We expect her to be petite, around 8lbs, as an adult dog. Missy lives in her Guardian home, with Rex and Kathi in Castle Rock, Washington. Rex and Kathi are reporting that they are so glad that they adopted Missy as a Guardian home dog. They report that they have not laughed this hard in years. Missy's funny antics, such as pulling Rex's baseball cap off of his head, and initiating playing games with him, has brought renewed joy to their household. 

We will post photos when she is an older puppy.