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Blessing Acres Adult Breeding Havanese

Blessing Acres foundation breeding stock was acquired from a reputable breeder in Arkansas, in 2011. Although we have been breeding dogs since 2002, the Havanese is our most recent breed. 

The Breeder whom we acquired our foundation stock from, directly imported 8 Havanese pups from European Show Kennels, which was the start of their breeding program. Blessing Acres purchased 4 of this Breeder's Adult Havs, when they were needing to downsize their kennel. 

Since our original investment of our 4 European lined adult Havs, we have aquired additional breeding stock from other reputable breeders. Most of our original Adults, have retired to pet homes.

We have retained the best of our pups, to replace these parents, for our breeding program.

We strive to stay within acquiring breeding parents, who come from Champion LInes. 

Although, we are not "show breeders", we have a commitment to quality, and standing behind our pups. We have learned from experience and other like-minded breeders, that a breeder does not have to "show", in order to produce quality pups. 

Please view our Adult Havanese, on our Adult photo pages. 

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