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"We absolutely adore our little 10 month old little boy. "Matey" has been so much fun and a great addition to our family. Have a very blessed Christmas."

John and Sue

"Thanks for checking in! We LOVE our puppy!!!  All of the neighborhood kids come over to see her, so don’t be surprised if you get some referrals from Seattle." 


"Terese & Amy (this litter was co-raised with another breeder),

We just came back from our first vet visit. The vet said that Risa is fine and found she did not have any problems with her. We just adore her and are very happy we got her from the 2 of you. She is adjusting well to her new home."

An update a few months later...

"Just want you and Amy to know again how happy we are with the puppy. We have only had her 2 days and she has learned so quickly. She is also the happiest puppy we have ever had. We are grateful to you and Amy for raising her."


"Hi Terese,
We have fallen in love with our little puppy and decided to name her April since we got her in April!  She is doing great and is a super addition to our family. Thanks."

Alison purchased two Havanese pups from us in two years


"Iris is great and learning so much, and play, play, and play.  I'm amazed at how well she is doing at night sleeping in her crate.

Thank you for checking in and of course for allowing me to have Iris."                    


"Dear Terese, We wanted to write, and let you know that "Pai" is doing great! He just had his vaccines, and the vet said he is very healthy. We have attached some pictures of him. He is growing very fast! All the best."

John and Johanna

"Hi Terese,  Just want you to know that "Murphy" and I made it home safe and sound to MN. He did really really good on the flight! My boyfriend's entire family came over last night to meet him, and everyone loved him to bits. He is such an amazing addition to our family. Just wanted to say "Thank You" again!   

Anya flew her puppy home with her on board an airplane

"I just wanted to let you know Holly is such a sweet girl. she had her vet check on Friday and was great. She is such a great little lady. Thank you so much for choosing us for Miss Holly."

Toni & Ward

"Hi Terese! Yes, he is doing wonderfully and blending into our family perfectly. He has a great personality, and is just a sweetheart!

Potty training is underway, and we are determined to win :)   Thanks for reaching out - we'll definitely keep you updated."  

Dan and Jenn adopted a second Hav pup from us as well

"Happy Holidays! Hope all is well with you. The boys are great! They are a joy every day. Ozzie is 4 today! Thank you again for our little best buddies!"


"Walter turns 1 today. Just wanted to let you know he is doing great. He has added so much joy to our lives."

Dorothy and Tim

"Good afternoon,

We are doing very well. Riley is fetching like a pro. Sleeps through the night. Seems to do very well in his kennel. He is a pain to clean the house with :-). He is into everything. LOL. He has some new chew toys but still likes my flip-flops best. He is doing well with other dogs but continues to be pretty shy.

Potty training is going fairly well. We have good good days and then not-so-good days. He has bonded with me and is definitely my buddy. Jeff is hunting and will have to work hard to win him over when he gets home. Thanks for checking in. We are doing awesome and love our little Riley."



It’s been a great week with Willow. We used a non-toxic flea shampoo and a flea comb, and after the first two days we haven’t seen a trace of them. Willow’s temperament is spot on from what you described it as. She loves to run and play, and playing fetch with a tiny tennis ball has become her new favorite pastime. She has been attacking people’s socks and playing tug a war with them. . . but we are trying to convince her that the rope toy is a better option. Breslyn has started to bond with Willow, and both of them will play until Willow is ready to drop. I am sure that the two of them are going to be best friends. We came out to the living room yesterday to find Breslyn inside of Willow’s playpen petting her gently as she was sleeping. It was a cute moment.

Willow is a diva when we take her out for walks. It is unlike anything I have seen before. She is cute, and she knows it. She has quickly become the neighborhood darling, and we get two or three people each day asking if they can take a picture with her. She hams it up, and can sense when people think she is cute. . . she has a tendency to run towards anyone who starts fawning over her. After socializing with someone, she will try to chase after them when they attempt to leave. It is almost like she craves the attention that she gets. The ladies at our office have fallen in love with her, and we have a multitude of volunteers who are more than willing to keep an eye on her when we can’t.

She is already sleeping through the night, which was highly unexpected. The first night she whined at 2:00, but the next two nights I had to wake her up to go out. I read that if she wasn’t soiling her crate that waking her up was unnecessary, so we gave that a try, and it has worked We are still working on housetraining, and there have been several accidents (our fault), but she hasn’t soiled her crate or her playpen.

I really have to thank you for this amazing pup. We will always miss our Meeshka, but Willow has helped to heal all of our hearts. There is nothing that compares to the smile on a Havanese’s face, and with the black fur around her mouth it makes it all the more evident when she does so. That smile has been contagious, and our family seems to be smiling a lot more since she came home. I really can’t believe how fortunate we were to discover this breed, but also to discover a breeder who puts the time and effort into helping these pups becoming the amazing additions to anyone who is fortunate enough to have them as part of their families."



We have had two Havanese previously and several rescue pups, but I can honestly say that Quigley has beyond a doubt settled in faster than any of the others! The first night he got comfortable with us and his surroundings. We had a 2x5 ft kennel set up for him and when it was time for bed I told him “bedtime”and he laid down and went to sleep! We woke him every four hrs to take him out and he did his business and went right back in his kennel without crying! This has been the case all week!

He is so smart and training is going beautifully. He is loving and sweet; loves attention, but is also content playing with his toys. He cracks us up with his antics—he plays tug-a-war, fetch, and does the cutest tumble when he chases his tail. 😂

We took him with us to Thanksgiving at our niece’s and he was a perfect puppy. 😊

As you know we were wary about getting a puppy, but already we cannot imagine our life without him. Thank you!"