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Excellent Quality ~ Young Adult Available

Reduced Adoption Fee


We have a young adult male, who will be ready for adoption approx late May 2024. 


The best fit is for a retired person/couple or someone who works from home. 

He is full black, with a spot of white on his chest.

An excellent quality boy, who is very healthy and well! 

(Two other young adult male pups were placed recently in pet homes, with great success)

This is the first time in our history that we have had pups this age still be with us. 

Read on to understand why. We are posting this, because sometimes people ask.  

The reasons this boy has not yet been adopted.........

1) Our advertising and website became stagnant due to our need to focus on our 26 yr old daughter's long-term recovery from a serious car accident. She continues to improve from her injuries and traumatic brain injury.  If a website isn't regularly updated with content, Google doesn't notice it. 

2) During the two years of Covid, many people were adopting pups from all breeds through the nation. The need for pups eventually became saturated, and many breeder's pup adoptions had decreased  in 2022. This even happened to one of our Vets, who also breeds a Rare  breed.