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Air Shipping

Blessing Acres does not ship our pups. Our clients drive or fly to pick up their puppy.  A puppy Buyer can fly to meet us, from anywhere in the United States. The USDA Law requires that Breeders and Buyers have one face-to-face transaction, where the Buyer is able to personally view the pup, during the process of purchase. This law came into effect after a number of Buyers were scammed, or did not receive a healthy puppy.  So, although this law adds more inconvenience to the process of adopting a puppy, it really is for the Buyers safety.  The USDA ruling is for Breeders who own more than 5 breeding female dogs.  In the event, the Buyer is unable to meet directly with the Breeder, the Buyer may have a personal representative fill-in for them. 

We prefer that our clients meet the breeder, and if possible,  the parent dogs of your puppy.  We can use SKYPE, video chat, or video clips, so a Buyer may see their puppy live.  With long distance travel, and meeting somewhere, it is not always possible to meet the parents of your pup. However, our website photos represent the

appearance our adult Havanese. 

Purchasing a discounted airline ticket, if you reserve your flight in advance, may actually save you money--over the cost of cargo shipping a puppy. Although airlines do safely ship puppies in the cargo area of the plane, it is less stressful for the puppy, if it is with you onboard in the cabin. When pups are shipped via cargo (which we no longer do),  there is not a face-to-face interaction with the puppy before purchase. Most airlines charge a pet flight fee when taken on board. Check with your airlines Pet Travel program for specific fees.  


for a more detailed fee schedule of the costs incurred when transporting a pup by air. 

Pups must be carried on board the airplane, in a soft mesh puppy kennel-bag (as shown in photo). The shoulder strap helps for carrying puppy through the airport.  The pup rides right under your seat in the cabin. We begin crate training with your pup, so they are acclimated to the bag before the flight.

The Buyer pays the $35-$40 fee for the pet carrier. Blessing Acres orders it from Amazon Prime, so we have the carrier with us for crate training, and transporting pup to airport. 

We can personally deliver  your puppy to the Portland International Airport (PDX), Portland, Oregon.  There is a Pet Relief area at the airport. We do live two hours round trip to the Portland Airport, so this drive incurs added expense with our time and fuel.  There is a modest additional fee to cover our travel expense to the airport. 

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