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Holistic Health products for Pets and their People

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Blessing Acres has listened to hundreds of stories from pet owners, describing that their beloved companion has passed away from Cancer. If this is your story, we weep with you. It is all too common. Why?

has this devastating disease become one of the leading cause of death in pets? Cancer is now the norm. We hear about it so often, that we can become immune to the painful reality, until it happens to us. 

It will sooner or later affect all of us, pets and people. If we don't want to get cancer, we have to make different choices, in hopes of preventing it. Many people have chosen to raise their pets naturally by avoiding chemicals, pet foods that have poor nutrition.  It is much more cost effective to prevent than to treat. Think about it......research for yourself. 

Pet Cancer....statistics, grief, and prevention

Life's Abundance Holistic Veterinary formulated pet food, supplements, and grooming aids.

The highest quality herbs and nutritional supplements. Pets can use herbal formulations.


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Pets need purified drinking water too!