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American  Kennel  Club

Holistic Minded Havanese Breeders

We coach others about how we raise our

puppies and adult dogs with natural rearing practices

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Independent Multipure Distributors

We will have a direct link to our Multipure website soon. 

Our family has used a Multipure Water Filtration system in our kitchen since 1998! 

Have you considered the safety of your drinking and cooking water?

It's in the news! Environmental toxins and impurities have been found in drinking water. 

Bottled water is not the answer, as plastic contributes to environmental waste and a very large carbon footprint. 

Multipure Drinking Water Systems

for People and their Pets

Multipure Drinking Water systems provide high performance water filtration units for point of use applications in your home and business.

Everyone, including pets, need clean and pure drinking water.